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Bed Plate 3ft x 10ft 6" tee slotted Bed Plate 3ft x 10ft 6" tee slotted. this bed plate was used in a pair with 4ft x 15ft 6", they are available as a pair or individual.

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T-slot plates

T-slots in special or intermediate sizes can be provided. The distance between T-slots in standard plates is usually 150, 200, 250 or 300 mm. Where individual plates are combined to form floor plates, dimensions are such that the distance between the T-slots is half the distance to the butt joint. STOLLE GmbH: T-slot Base Plates, floor plates or clamping ... LEFT: Base plate with crossed T-slots, joints and caps sealed. Can be re-arranged in many different configurations (T-shape, 2 separate fields etc). Plate mounted on rubber vibration isolators with 1 st natural frequency around 7 Hz.

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